Time seems to be flying faster than I can remember. This lady of leisure business is harder than it looks. Not that I am really complaining life is overall good. I've been keeping socially active between Junior League and my Meetup group activities and I hired a personal trainer. I don't have much downtime especially since I am still working for LJ too. I am afraid of becoming "that girl."

You know the bosses wife/girlfriend/fiance/significant other/bitch. This week I told his employees that we were going to have a catered lunch on Friday because it was the end of the month. I didn't realize that it was only on days that guys did inventory. Oops. Some of them think I am the boss, some give me respect. I don't know exactly how to treat them all or how they are supposed to treat me but I am working on it. I also told if something didn't shipped out that same day I was going to chop him up feed him to the sharks open up the shark dig him out and feed him to another shark. Aggression much?

I am so looking forward to the Fall actually starting so I can wear all the warm clothes I bought that its been too freakin hot. On Tuesday it was 100+ and Saturday it was drizzling. I need to go through my closet and get rid of some of my shoes too. I finally got to wear my tall Cole Haan boots and my purple leather jacket. These items sold out at Nordstroms so no pictures available.

This is also the first weekend in at least 3 months that I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PLANNED. I think I might finally tackle that scary room that I call the closet. I've made tenative plans for Saturday with LJ but Sunday.... nothing.

Oh yeah and the worlds greatest meat lover... going 80% vegetarian... WTF!


Meaghan Frubalee said...

fall starting is going to be very magical indeed! i went pumpkin picking today and have been spending my (also limited) free time making apple desserts when i've had time. as soon as these leaves start changing, i'll be a happy camper!

thanks for posting, i always enjoy your blog :)


Tommy said...

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