Bathroom Revelations

Dear whoever uses the big stall before me.

Dude, double check to make sure there are no left-overs. It's okay to double flush. That's nasty!


the girl who wants a clean throne.

Dear Girls Talking in the bathroom,

Thanks for stoping your conversation when I walked in. Hopefully it wasn't about me.

your co-worker

Dear People who walk in when there is someone in one of the stalls,

You never know who is in the stalls or if they are the person that is about to get fired that doesn't know it yet.

Fortunately not that person


Maxie said...

haha- the first one...hilarious. I totally agree

the fanny said...

Yikes! This is precisely why I avoid public restrooms. Or because I might be afraid of germs. Either one.


Anonymous said...

This about sums up my feelings about our bathroom at work. I hate it the most when it's ridiculously crowded with my co-workers: I have to see these people in the halls, and work with them! I don't like sharing bathroom activities with them--mine or theirs. I sometimes pretend I just came in to fix my hair, then leave. I come back when they've cleared out. Weird, I know.

BB said...

I hate that too. Especially the people who shut up the moment you walk in.

Or the opposite, really: I was on work experience once and in a cubicle, and some people walked in and started talking and sobbing. In the time it took to have one pee (well c'mon...I'd had a lot of coffee that day ;)) I'd heard about the recruitment manager's break-up, all her business, all HIS business, and possibly the cat's too.

I felt kind of embarrassed to exit the cubicle and had to lower my head when I walked out!