May the Spirit be with me

For anyone who's not Roman Catholic today is Ash Wednesday. For Lent we are supposed to give up something we like. Okay, so I am not a really great Catholic but at least I am trying. Anyway, I finally figured out what I am giving up. All sugary drinks. I don't drink Coke or Diet Coke or any other type of dark soda but if there is a Fanta or a Crush around I am all over it. Since I don't drink a lot of soda in general you would think this wouldnt be much of an issue. Except I love lemonade. I could have lemonade all day. So day one 1 and I went to whole food and and bought Metro Mint Lemon Water and gah... not good. I think its also b/c I am not much of a mint lover. I am trying to find new alternatives on what to drink that doesnt have sugar and I won't drink anything with fake sugar thanks to this book.

Any ideas on what I should be drinking? Oh, I am already stocking up on Republic of Tea drinks. Yum!

P.S. I swear I have some real posts coming up. Like the music swap... I didnt forget about you Sparkel.


magda said...

Gah, that's really difficult! I think I'd just go for juice--the 100% juice kind. No sugar, plus it's like a whole serving of fruit or something, so healthy, too.

Last year I gave up starbucks. It was really hard. A year later, though, I go there way less often. A pretty happy side-effect!

Maxie said...

When I go on my kicks of getting rid of soda I just switch to plain water. Everything else that I like has sugar... those sparkling waters at grocery stores are good, but I'm pretty sure they're loaded with bad stuff.