Holding on to a dream....

Working corporate has it perks like seeing how many people you can sucker into going into the Mega Millions pool with you. I being the friendliest (not necessarily the most organized one) organize the lotto pools when they get to a decent size around here. The Mega was at 114 Million last week so we decided to go in on it. 105 tickets later… Monday morning I still hadn't checked the numbers b/c I dunno I am lazy and I don't feel like wasting my weekend on it. By 9 am people were already vulturing my desk asking if I had checked the numbers, b/c they had. Turns out... Hey we won 175 bucks! Split among 21 people that’s not a whole bunch of much. One person said lets throw a party… @ that amount of money it makes for a crappy lunch unless its liquid and made by one of us ;). 

Before I started organizing the work pool I had never played the lotto before. I figured I had much better luck leaving a twenty in my jeans and surprising myself or Aaron when doing laundry when we found it. I have only played the scratchers a few times. The funny thing is that I only win when I am super pee'd off. For example I had a somewhat ugly break up with a then bf and we didn't exactly know how to part ways and he suggested we go into a liquor store and get some scratchers. I didn't understand why but I agreed. I ended up winning and losing all of it at that liquor store.

People are just about religious playing these games. I don't understand that. Think about it say you drop about 5 bucks a draw twice a week for 1 year that is 520 bucks down the hole! Plus interest! Some people do it for like 20 years, plus compound interest! Retirement money!

So why after saying all this am I still playing with the group? Because considering that we are all going to be unemployed in a couple of months what do I have to lose? All of us sit here and imagine the headline that will be in the newspaper if we win….

"With Looming Lay Offs ABC Company Employees have won the Mega Million!"

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Goddess said...

Congratulations! Little victories still count!!! We used to play the lotto at an old job. We knew it was fruitless, but when you're looking at your twice-monthly check (stamped "this is not a check" to indicate direct deposit), your realize how true that is -- that ain't a check. That ain't gonna cover sh*t. If hope of winning the lottery is all we've got, hell, I'll take the loss for the little heart leaps that come just as the numbers are being announced!