Week 3+

So... beside a couple of trips and falls into a vat of meat I think overall I am doing pretty well. Down 12.6 lbs. I think really my saving grace is that my bf has been helping me with the cooking and shopping. I still haven't gotten to the point of working out yet. My mom keeps telling me I need to go to the gym. I know Ma! Ya think I don't know?

The only thing I have learned is that if I do it at my own pace I have a greater chance of success. It's like telling someone of my sedentary lifestyle to go run a marathon on a sprint after the first mile I am going to get discouraged. So leave me alone.

I did some retail therapy today. On giftcards. Nothing better than shopping when it's not costing you a dime. I haven't been shopping as much lately just b/c I need to do a better job at watching my expenses before they get out of control. I will cut down on some of my luxiuries. Just not today, or tomorrow. Or next week for that matter. Another thing that I got for free was a 42" flat screen that I have no idea what to do with b/c I already own 2 other ones. Albeit that this ones is bigger than my other 2, but... egh.... I am not that impressed anymore.

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