Let Debbie-Downer Die!

I was just reading my last posts and wow I sound depressed. So things may not be super awesome right now but lets share some of the good things right now shall we?

  1. I am finally done moving. I still have stuff to unpack but it's nice to have gotten rid of so much stuff that I was just carrying around with me.
  2. I found my new crack: McDonalds Iced Coffee. Turns out McD's is competing with Starbucks now and they have a better quality bean.
  3. Reading: Eat Pray Love.
  4. Will get out of work early on St. Patty's. Even though you can't really do much on a Monday night.
  5. Got paid today!
  6. My desk at work will be clean by the end of the day so I will have an easy Monday!
  7. LJ and I are having our first "Lazy Saturday" in months b/c we both work so much.
  8. When I come home tonight my house will be clean and my laundry will be done.
  9. My new roommate will be gone next weekend for Easter so I will have the house to myelf.
  10. Last but not least.... I am going to kick myself to start going to the gym more. Seriously... I have an NBA team that plays in the courts right in front of ellipticals. *Drool*


Stephanie said...

Any day a roommate is not around is a good day! Enjoy your weekend!

magda said...

Yay for the happy things!

I feel like a lot of places are getting better beans than starbucks. It's an odd, odd thing.

Enjoy your weekend--and no roommate for Easter? Whoo-hoo!

Maxie said...

I'm over starbucks coffee... it used to be so good, but I just don't like it as much anymore.

Jess said...

When I was in high school I went to volleyball camp at UNC and one day the 300 teenage girls in the camp walked into the court to find Antawn Jamison and Vince Carter playing some one on one. I'm surprised the two of them didn't go deaf from the high-pitched shrieking that ensued.

Also, apparently Starbucks roasts their beans for 22 minutes instead of 18 because then they can use lower-quality beans. It explains the slightly scorched taste of the coffee, too.