Man, I didnt think I was that far and gone.

I didnt realize it had been this long since I had posted. Life around here has been crazy busy. I have been busting my ass at my new office. In a good way though. It's all one big giant learning experience. Along with my new office I took on a seperate project which I am pretty excited about. So now I am working weekends on top of my regular job but it's actually not that bad. I get to pad around in fluffy slippers on this second job. Also helps that I really like the person I am working for.

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Dawn said...

I miss having the time/energy to take on second jobs, although now that I'm "older" I'd much rather give more hours to one good job.

Screw it, I'd rather win the damn lottery. (Is that why you're not posting? You're off jetting around the world? Ha -- we can only hope!!! ;)