The Man Spot

So, I started a new diet with the suport of my friend "Maria Torres" and have been working at finding new way to eat healthier while eating out. My new diet is the "Suzanne Somer's something something something". Anyway, its basically a lot of veggies and a good chunk of protien and basically no carbs. You know the saying, "You never know what you have until you don't have it anymore"? Man, I never thought of myself as a carb person, but I sure do miss them. I dont ever crave a piece of toast or a bowl of pasta, but a hamburger with no bun? Ludicrous!
Which moves me on to my next point.... I have been eating "no carb" burgers and the only place to get a decent one is from Carl's Jr. I had just gotten my car washed and I didnt want to get the line on my window so I walked in. OMG, the guy to girl ratio 25:1! I guess Carl's knew what they were doing when they put a tart like Paris Hilton to eat a burger and wash a car in their advertising! Now I know where all the boys hang out. ;)

Speaking of restaurants.... the bf and I came to a conclusion about one of our favorite restraunts, Spires. Its a booty call restaurant. Let me 'splain....It's the place where you go that is available when everything else is closed. This place is like Denny's if you got stuck in timewarp 30- 40 years ago. The people who work there are old enough to be my parents/grand parents. Everything/everyone is gloomy. They wear the same drab black & white uniforms. There are no pieces of "flair." Kind of like the sad drunks in Moe's Bar in the Simpsons. There are colorful characters from time to time. Like when the trannies have their monthly meetings there. I am not talking about the passable trannnies I am talking about the 5 0'clock shadow trannies. We went last night b/c it was the only place i could think of that was open late that I could get a new york steak and salad. As we were walking out we saw a handsome late 30 something guy walking in. Not only was he handsome, he was well dressed and was driving an expensive European car. Spires is no the kinda place you would see this guy at unless he was there for some other reason. Was he there to meet his secret lover? Was he there to meet with the trannies? Was he there to meet with one of the trannies that was his secret lover? Who knows.You only go in the darkness of the night, God forbid someone see you there in the day light. You don't invite your friends with you , you don't tell your family about it. You just go eat and leave. Don't ask any of your friends about it b/c they will either say they have never heard of the place.

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