Does A Man Live Here?

If not, why is there ESPN HD on the TV? No. Because I am a good girlfriend.

So I am finally done with 90% of my shopping. I got 2 flat screen TV's, the new Macbook Pro 17" Hi Res, a Cannon 10MP camera, another Ipod (don't want the iphone, yet) and a partridge in a pear tree. The one thing that makes me a little paranoid is the fact that I don't have a dog or anything to gaurd my house so I went and got renters insurance today. It actually turned out relatively inexpensive and it gives me piece of mind if ever get robbed. Well as much of a piece of mind as you can get at that point. It also safegaurds against my cooking.

I still have a couple more things I want to buy for my house but for now I think I have the most major stuff I wanted. It's nice to have a feeling of accomplishment and something to show for it.

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