Now If I could get my legs to stop twitching....

Before I go into what my title post let me go back to my last entry.

Last week I had an extrememly long day that included my regular job, a 2 hour mentoring meeting and working my second job for an emergancy stop. So I didn't end up getting home till about 11'ish and the bf still wanted to come over. So I got in bed to watch some TV and ended up falling asleep. The next thing I know I feel a tap. Turns out that he had been banging on my door and ringing my doorbell throwing rocks at my window along with the neighbor and they were worried about me b/c its not like me not to answer my door... so they ended up breaking into my house.

I am not gonna go into the logistics of how all that went down but it doesn't make me feel all that safe anymore. Fortunely, I am not home by myself too often and when I told my mom what happen I tried to tell her as if it was a joke and she wasn't to happy about it either. So what do you? I have deadbolts and everything I can but still. Have to start thinking of new security measures.

As for the header.... I went on drinking binge on Saturday night in Newport and I am still paying for it today. This will detour me for... oh... a couple of weeks.

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