Ketchup 2

So I haven't really had anything relavent to say in the last couple of weeks so here it the catch-up.

  1. Have hit 6 months with the BF. *Cheers!*
  2. When you are so not used to normalacy when you get it, it scares you.
  3. I am still dreading Christmas.
  4. I am still not sleeping.... but at least I have better reasons behind it.
  5. I haven't been shopping lately.... something must be wrong.
  6. Pondering joining a gym again.
  7. I can fake it really well to the point people comment on it. If they only knew it was a big fat lie.
  8. Sometimes the things that you think can destroy you actually really do make you stronger.
  9. Communication is key. No matter with who. Sometimes the most important communication is with yourself.
  10. Third time is a charm *so I hope.*
  11. School. 'nuff said.
  12. I have been skipping out on Church. I have no excuse this week. I am going.
  13. Note to Parents: Make a fuckin' effort. It's not my fault you are miserable in your own pathetic lives. Don't go raining on my parade. I already have a plan. Don't make me execute it.

Other bits:

  1. I have another blog out in cyberspace that I am thinking of incoroprating to this one.... I haven't decided if it would be my brightest idea yet.
  2. Has anyone else heard of Cringe? I think I have some good material for it.
  3. I can't log into my twitter account because I am a retard.
  4. I bought my first domain name this month. I haven't decided what to do with it yet. The cool thing is that I got free e-mail support with it for up to 200 accounts.
  5. Cookies?
  6. Living by yourself has a lot of perks but it's not all its cracked up to be. At least I don't sleep alone.
  7. Happily ever after. Someday. :)

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