Yes, I am just that cute.

LJ and I were having a discussion about what I want to do for a living. I told him jokingly that I want to be a stewardess (PC I know). He said it would be rough. Why? B/c all sorts of guys would be hitting on me. I went on to say, how do you know that doesn't already happen? It does!

It used to happen more often than it does now, but then again I am a little older and I have just learned to ignore creepy men now.

So today I went to Costco for lunch and I was standing in the registration line for my renewal/card. So the guy behind me starts chatting me up trying to impress me with "I just left the studio" and we are talking about parties (he's there to stock up for a party) and booze (which is my main reason for going there 98% of the time) and I could totally feel it. I have no interest whatsoever, but it still feels nice you know?

So there! You see I get hit on all the time.


Maxie said...

I ONLY get hit on by old, creepy men. Nastty.

Jess said...

I feel like as a stewardess, the people hitting on you would be nastier than the people hitting on you down on the ground. But maybe not?

magda said...

I have totally wanted to be a stewardess ALL OF MY LIFE. No joke. It always seemed so 50-chic. And yes, I am serious. I still get jealous of them sometimes when I travel.

Speaking of jealousy, you have liquor at your Costco? Curses, conservative Virginians, curses! My sister in Boston does, too. Every time my parents go to visit, they bring an extra suitcase just to stock up!