I wish I could tell ya'll that I have been having a fabulous time in the sunshine and playing with the imaginary puppy I've been begging my bf to get me.

Sometimes I wonder if I bite off more than I can chew. I have been having a feeling of overwhelm for the last couple of weeks to the point that I am just withdrawing from life a little bit. Not noticable to most but I know that I am letting things fall to the wayside that I really should be taking care of. Which is also why I have been semi-MIA on my blog. Oh and my reader? Almost to 1,000. Awesome.

I actually have some great posts floating in my head and some pictures I want to share for the OCD organized. I will get to it soon. I will at least try to catch up on commenting. If I am not here then I must be at your blog.

Talk to everyone soon.

P.S.S. For anyone doing the "Don't Go Over in October" Challenge.... I have only fallen off the wagon once. I had a credit at Ross and I ended up spending a little over my credit on shoes. But seriously? Can we ever have too many shoes?


magda said...

Oh, I so hear you on this! I'm totally in that place of having a billion posts in my head, but nonetheless being a quasi-defunct blogger because Life! It's just so busy! Hang in there.

I also commend you for the October challenge. Way too late or me, and pretty impractical given my month's itinerary ... but good work! Totally something I OUGHT to be doing, certainly ... hmmm.

Maxie said...

I always have a billion posts that I can't seem to get out. I have to wait till I'm in the blogging mood an then do a bunch all at once. it's weird.

And you're totally right-- you can never have enough shoes.

Louise | UPrinting.com said...

No, we can never have too many shoes! :D Haha~
Life is tough, as the cliche goes. You have to pull yourself together, and avoid being overwhelmed by life. Relax, have fun!

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