Seriously... My brain could explode

With how many things I have going on.

I'll start off with that I am happier now than I have been in a long time. I am no longer working for the big place that I was working for for almost 7 years. The company has changed alot since when I started to what it is now. On top of that just the commuting, people and general economy made me a miserable hot mess. I am freelancing on my own for now working on 2 big projects and picking up odd jobs where I can to make ends meet. LJ is being supportive and is telling me if I want to make a career change right now is the the time to do it.

On the plus side of being home more often, my flowerbeds have never looked better and I will be home in a couple of hours to bake some cupcakes for a cupcake decorating party I am throwing. Everytime I have a bright idea I think how could I make a job out of that?

I love make up = makeup artist = starving artist = no
I love to bake= baker = fatter = no
I love the internet = internet stalker? = social networking?= web design = possibly
I love throwing parties = event planner = possibly.
I love to shop = personal shopper = amassing credit card debt = no

I am getting way more into my domesticated side although I am still not cooking. I am also planning on using this little break from work to start eating healthier and taking care of myself. I have some doctor appointments lined up for the next few weeks starting today. It's not that I don't like doctors its just that I didnt like taking time off of work to do them. Now that I am on my own schedule I can do them in the middle of the day no problem.

My mental health has definately improved since this change. I am def optimistic at this point.

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