As Long As I Don't Throw Up I will be Okay

So today is the first day of what I am calling "Hell Week." I have 2 finals, 2 papers, I still need to finish packing for my move, I need to actually move, plus work, plus now we are thinking of getting a new dog. On top of that I just started a new diet. I stayed up till midnight last night studying for one of my finals. I also need to help my mom refinance her house. I started drinking coffee again. I am like talking a mile a minute. *Breathe*

This is gonna be a rough week/month/year/life.


Anonymous said...

I think it's time for another trip out to the river, aye? For some fresh air and some much need relaxin....still got the goods from last time? We should plan another weekend trip soon. :-)

Dawn said...

I just got news that I'm getting some sort of lateral move/promotion/we don't know what to call it thingy. I asked if I were the person best-qualified for the job (I want to be promoted, yeah, but to do more of the part of the job I hate most? Not so much), and it seems like I'm just the closest target. I don't know whether to celebrate or hang myself.

Mel said...

I didn't throw up but I did end up pinching a nerve in my neck getting a sinus infection.