Not today or tomorrow but maybe next year

My world has been in a slight chaotic state ever since the announcement of the acquisition of my company. Early on they had started throwing out dates that loomed closer to now than later. With that said I started battening down my hatches and other people just completely jumped off the ship. Its only been a couple of weeks since the announcement and regular folk and even managers are leaving. After the initial hurricane they left us in the dark with no further announcement till this past week.

Last week we put on a dog and pony show for the company that has acquired us down to cleaning off our desks and dressing in business casual. We have gotten so used to being dressed casual that the thought of wearing a 3 inch heel makes my ankle start aching. I think we did the show for nothing, b/c really at the end of the day we are all gonna be gone anyway. There was many meetings and finally one big meeting for us.

With everything they are trying to do my department is looking not to be let go till the end of the year or possibly the spring of next year.

Then why did they make this big deal? Better yet why did I make this such a big deal? I turned my life upside down for nothing! School is now again on the backburner (well as much as it can be) but I have no clue what to do with myself b/c I have to wait until the Titanic goes down so I can steal a life preserver so I can float to safety.

I can't schedule anything and my life cannot move on. It upsets me to say the least.

*Back to the cubicle staring*


Dawn said...

I call it an "endpoint." You know that you have X amount of time to get your life, goals, or at least your plans for a next step in gear and implement said plan. Leave on your own terms. There are no guarantees they'll keep you beyond whatever date. Be nice, dress up, smile till THEIR cheeks hurt. And skate out with a good reference while the people who know you are still there to give it!

*mwah* Good luck! It's got to be tough.

Mel said...

Unfortunately, I am waiting for my "life preserver." The reason I am staying the whole way through is b/c I need the unemployement to get me through another semester of school without having to work. So I will continue to smile till their cheeks hurt :)