Reader Poll Monday

1. What childhood vacation do you remember the most fondly?
We had so many childhood vacations, I don't know how to pick one. My parents had a 32 foot RV so we would go "camping" all the time or we would go to the bay area to visit family all the time. The nice thing was that they would let my brother and I bring friends.

2. How many colors has your hair been?
Hmmm….3? Black (natural), blonde/brown (highlights) and red (one of those days).
3. Would you rather be placed in a tub filled with water snakes or covered with ants?
I am gonna have to go with Ants. Snakes scare me.
4. Are you camp Jessica or camp Nick? (heh)
Do I have to pick? Neither.
5. Do you have a swimming pool? Can we come over?
I currently have a Jacuzzi, but in a month when I move I will have a pool. Sure why not?
6. Salty or sweet?
Sweet. Have you guys tried that candy bar called "Take 5"? Ultimate PMS Food!
7. When did you last get a kiss?
Yesterday morning.
8. Do you play a musical instrument?
Does popping my bones in a rhythm count? Other than that no.
9. What's your favorite kind of weather?
3 degrees above room temp with a breeze and sunny.
10. What are you wearing right now?
Black tunic shirt with flutter sleeves, khaki short pants and my "b*tch" stilettos. ( I am also having a good hair/make up day).

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