"There comes a day that you won't put up with cheap wine, cheap furniture
or a cheap gym, has that day come?"

This is what the front of the folder says to the gym I just joined. By doing this I am facing 2 things in my life that I normally shy away from: a) the fact that I am over-weight and b) that feeling I get that I am not good enough to go to the hoity-toity gym.

So why am I putting myself in a place like this? What I learned from Dawn is that you can't run with the turkeys if you want to fly with the eagles. In my business status is everything. Also, said gym is where a lot of people hang out in the business. Not that I really want to meet work people while I am sweating up a storm or gasping for air (depending on the work-out). I still have a little bit of anxiety from coming from a place where I could barely afford to go to a gym to now going to the nicest gym in the area code. I wonder.. can people spot someone who was/is poorer than the rest of them? Like a poordar?

When I went to tour the gym everyone in their seem to be like a size 2. On a fat day. Fortunately this gym has a women's area. Which I think is a good idea but at the same time women are a lot snarkier than men when it comes to appearances. I am the gym people so I can quit being so fat so back off people.

I think the worse part of this whole thing is that I am being so judgemental about myself. I just need to get over it. Wish me luck.

P.S. I am still down the 14 lbs I lost within the last 2 months.


twobuyfour said...

Great news on three fronts.
1) Gyms are good, and good gyms are better than bad gyms. The equipment is better. The lighting is better. The smell is a LOT better. Plain and simple - if it's nicer there, you'll go more. That's the key, right?

2) Recognizing that you deserve to "soar with the eagles" is a good thing. Don't worry about business while you're there, or about what people will say. The "right" people go there because they see no reason to go to the lame, smelly, nasty cheap gym. There's nothng wrong with joining that crowd.

3) If you're down 14 pounds and still going to the gym you are on the right track. Eat healthy and keep working out and you'll look hotter every day.

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