Why I don't sleep

Today started unusually early for both of us. The BF is just sick and tired of having to battle traffic every morning from my house to his house everyday and I had a meeting at 8:30 so we woke up in the 6 o'clock hour this morning. Well at least he did and I stayed in bed, but it was useless. I am so used to having him in bed with me that I basically tossed and turned for another half hour before I gave up and got out of bed.

We have both admitted that we can't sleep without each other anymore. To the point no matter how tired either one of us is that we drag ourselves to each others houses to sleep in the same bed. Yep, we don't even live together. We do grocery shopping and costco runs together but we don't live together. With his business taking off I know there will be more than a couple of nights a year that he will be gone and I will probably have insomnia. Great.

So for his X-mas gift I am thinking of getting the Stiletto 2 any thoughts anyone?


Stephanie said...

Mark and I got that way too - it's so strange how accustomed to small things you get, but I definitely hear what you're saying! It's so much cozier with your man anyhow!

twobuyfour said...

I had to Google the Stiletto - I thought you were referring to a knife or a pair of shoes.

I know what you mean about sleeping apart from your S.O., even though I sleep like a log regardless of whether or not she's there. I simply feel better with her there, and I've no doubt that she feels the same. Oh sure, I'm a guy, and I CAN go to sleep without her. But I like it much better when we're together.