Why she feeds me

Last night after having a long day of running around starting with a 7:30 am Chiro appoint and ending me not getting home till 11 pm I was exhausted. My neighborr D is always the friendly face that greets me whenever I am getting my mail. Over time we have become pretty good friends. We have both had some hardships and have helped each other out. Last night i told her I was starving and she gave me spagetti (awesome!).

So I get a call from D today wondering what time I get home. Turns out that her BFF needs a place to store her stuff for a couple of days and my garage came up first! So its not really a big deal except for the fact that parking is crazy horrible where I live. The closer to the beach you are worse it gets. So now I know why she feeds me at 11pm when i get home. For my garage. It's okay... I want cookies next.

Speaking of fattening food. I think its that time of year again to join the gym. My last gym membership was a big ol' cluster mess so I am going to have to rejoin. Great. I am looking at 3 different prospect. One of them our vendor goes to for business contacts. Which is an idea but I don't think i can talk figures while I am sweating. The other is a fu-fu gym but at least all the yahoo's are not there and the 3rd gym is the one I used to go to just a different location of it. The one I would be going to is in the middle of a lot of office buildings but I have a feeling it will be packed all the time. Decisions.

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twobuyfour said...

It's good to have someone who'll feed you. Sure, you could make your own meal. You're an adult. But having someone else make a meal for you makes you feel WANTED as well as fed. I actually enjoy cooking, but I like it a whole lot more if I'm cooking for more than one.

The same goes for your garage. You could keep it to yourself. But doing something nice for somebody makes you feel good. It'll make you feel more good than the rough parking conditions will make you feel bad.

Plus, I always think: what comes around goes around. Some day it will be me looking for a meal when I'm beat, or needing a place to store my stuff for a little while.