You actually noticed?

Last night I felt icky from just having a long day and not having any sleep the previous night that I decide to take a shower. I normally shower in the morning to help wake me up and I don't like being cold at night. The only other times I shower in the evenings are when I visit the gym.

The thing about taking a shower at night is that I have no idea what my hair is going to look like in the morning. For work I normally put it in a slicked back ponytail and a little boufant or side swipe thing. It's not very exciting but it gets the job done. I guess I do this so much that people figure I must have questionable hair. The thing is I don't. I have great hair. I normally damn most of the genes that made me but I love the hair I have. Its thick (so thick that I have to have it sheared), it's bouncy and its shiney. My mom has fine curly hair and my dad has thick straw straight hair. So I ended up with big wavy hair. If I put in the effort most women put into their hair I would have pantene hair (super shiney pretty) everyday. I just don't care enough to make that effort on a weekday for work. By me a nice dinner and take me out for the evening and I will do it. ;)

So since I woke up kind of late this morning I decide against my usual slicked back 'do and decided to go for the free flowing hair. A little bit of Rusk Anti-Frizz and a little bit of Biosilk (yes I know its the devil but I like the smell) and I was good to go. Mind you I didn't style or even bother to brush my hair to go to work today. When I walk in the first thing my boss says "wow, your hair looks nice. very natural." This coming from a guy who won't notice a fly on his nose. Sometimes I can't take a compliment and all I said was " I didn't brush my hair this morning, but I did use product!"

So I am feeling pretty good about my hair today just b/c I remember I was watching Miss America-Reality Check ( brain fluff I know) and they made a comment about one of the contestants that didn't feel comfortable in her own skin after they made a comment to her about being so pretty with the natural curl in her hair and how they don't like the fact that she is representing this attitude in a beauty pagent.

So I love me and my natural hair. And my styled hair. And the genes that made my hair what it is today. Maybe one day I will post a picture of me with my hair down to my butt (from when I was a kid or from high school).

*Pantene Hair Swoosh*


La said...

Isn't it funny how was always try to quantify compliments we get? I'm so uncomfortable with them, and I do the same damn thing.

(Picture, please.)


magda said...

I'm so glad you've made friends with your hair! It took me a long time to get there. I'm the one curlyhead in a family of very straight hair; for years I called my tresses a serious blight, but once I've gotten to know them? To know what they like and what they need? It's really pretty glorious.