And we're moving!

With all the moving and shaking going on in my work life it has given me a chance to reevaluate some of the current priorities in life.  With that said (all this is tentative based on the world not blowing up, no one dying and no other major catastrophes that can be named) we are taking the next step in our adult lives and moving in.

Somehow this decision came at a good time. Aaron had asked me 2 weeks previously to the announcement of the company acquisition. So it doesn't look like I am doing it to save up for "harder times." The one thing I was worried about was if I was going to leave my roommate out in the cold with nowhere to live. Funny thing is that within the last week or so she has stated she hates or job so much that she gave her 2 week notice. In her words, " I can't take the gay hand-holding seminars anymore!" I think its funny (the seminars - not the fact that she hates her job). "Come on Ashley share your feelings with us." LOL!  *I even make myself giggle* Good luck Ashley, I hope you don't have to go back to the sticks of Massachusetts.

Aaron is coming out of the film industry. Sorta. He is trying to find a more steady job that is more 9-5 in the same industry. Considering I won't have ties to Orange County anymore we may consider moving into LA. The thought is a little bit rough. I have lived in Long Beach about 95% of my life. I even have a hellish drive to work everyday to stay living in Long Beach. It's not a for sure yet but it’s a possibility that makes me slightly uneasy. If it does happen chances are I will still be driving into Long Beach every weekend.

So what am I gonna be doing while I am unemployed? Nothing, absolutely nothing. I wish! Yours truly will be signing up to the nearest JC and taking on a full course load. I am already planning out my summer session and I think I am gonna kill myself but I might max out and take advantage of the accelerated courses to get a couple of more credits under my belt.  The thought of being a full time student again is really scary. When I am working full time, I can blame the fact that I am stressed out about work for crappy grades. If I am not working such a stressful job, then what's my excuse?

Work wise… street performer? Mary Kay Consultant? I don't know which one I would have a better chance at. Actually I am going back to something tried and true (and maybe a little retail - not therapy). Aaron and I were talking about me doing pet photography again. It's something I truly enjoy and the money is actually decent. Hopefully that will work out.

So for now I am enjoying the ride at work and the quite time I get to spend at my house sans child b/c baby get ready life is gonna change like it or not!

Somebody hold me. I'm scared.

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Dawn said...

I say good for you. You sound like you're making all the right changes for you, and for all the right reasons. But to quote an episode of "Grey's Anatomy," "When did we become adults? And how do we make it stop?" LOL. Change is scary. It's supposed to be. But it sounds like everything is going to fall into place and that you're trading some medicore things for some really good things. Congratulations!