Back to the Future

Stolen From: http://www.lasadh.com/

10 years ago: I was in 7th grade. I lived a pretty boring life and I was known as "The girl with the really long hair."
5 years ago: I was graduating high school, somewhat popular. I was in denial about having a crush on one of my college classmates. I was the girl with the "Shaggin'-Wagon."

1 year ago: Almost the same thing I am doing now. Working, same bf, same house, same car. All have progressed, but not much different.

Yesterday: Went Kayaking, had black cherry vanilla shake and called my mother obsessively so I could wish her a HMD.
Today: Daydreaming of doing some more kayaking. Might go do the yoga class. I need the stretch.
Tomorrow: I dunno, besides whatever I plan it normally goes to a hand basket.

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