Why my boyfriend rocks!

For my birthday, my bad 90's - alternative rock - slightly pop - old school wannabe candy kid country hating boyfriend signed us up for country western lessons. I absolutely *~heart~* country. Along with that he bought me a cowboy hat. The hat wasn't very flattering and he was aware that I might not like it (along with the fact that I have a fat head and fat hair) so it just gave us a reason to go back to the Boot Barn. I ended up exchanging it for some really cute shirts.

Anyway, our first lesson was last night and we both had a lot of fun. Our instructor was a charming little fellow who screamed Irish from across the room. He said he had been teaching dance for 40 -something odd years and I actually believed it. When we were watching him while waiting for our lesson he actually floated across the room. He was very patient with us to say the least. He actually got Aaron to stand straight which is a feat of it's own. We did the electric slide and we learned a dance that they do in circle is big dancing places. Yee haw we are on our way to being country! Next lesson is on Monday. I doubt we will ever be featured as best dancers ever but at least we wont make complete asses of ourselves our first time out to Cowboy Country.

I love you Aaron!


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Jess said...

Thought I would comment on this entry because it didn't have one. Thanks for the encouragement and words on blogging. I am hoping it will help me deal with some loneliness and separation this summer. So far, it's doing an ok job.