Different Time - Same Freeway

Sometimes I wonder why I keep doing the same insane drive I do everyday. Then I remember: for my industry the money is either in downtown LA or in S.Orange County. If I wanna make crappy money then I don't have to drive so far. Anyway, these are thoughts that come into my brain every morning and every afternoon when I get on the road. I have even gone as far as going to school at night to avoid the traffic.

The reason all this is brought up today is because I encountered a real piece of work on the road today. I was merging from an on ramp to a main lane. Not wanting to be a jacka** to the truck behind me and not wanting to crawl up the bum of the car in front of me I was taking my time and leaving space in front of me and signaling to get let in. When this broad with an old explorer *with obvious body damage* tries to go around me and cut in front of the space I had left. Just b/c I leave a space in front of me so I am not crawling up the other cars bum doesn’t give you the right to take it. So she tried doing that and I sped up not to let her in. She tried playing chicken with me. Then I turned my car into her so the next time she tried to move in she would have hit her car. She finally backed off and went behind me.

Stupid 405 people. If you don't know how to drive stay off the road.

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