I Spend More Time with Her Mom & Grandma

So, since I moved in the with Aaron my social life has basically gone down the hole. I am normally so tired from work and from running around with the chitlin that I just don't have the energy to deal with my friends. Most of my friends go gallivanting out in the middle of the night and the bastards don't have to work on Friday *shaking fist*. I unfortunately, am not so lucky. I feel bad that I have to miss these expeditions, but in all honesty I know if I even try to make it for part of it even that a) I will still be dragging my ass the next day and b) I feel like the crappy nerdy friend that has to go home early when the party is in full swing.

With that said my Saturdays are normally my safe haven of rest, relaxation and actually being able to see my friends. Since July though I have been stuck in school or working on projects and my already dead social life got taken out back and shot in the head one more time for good measure. All I get to go out and do now are basic necessities like shopping and manicure/pedicures.  My best friends Mom and Grandma have now been tagging along. Well not exactly tagging along b/c I do invite them and I always like having company on these adventures.  Can you blame me for wanting to use the carpool lane? They are pretty funny though. My friend has always done imitations of her mom which I found pretty hilarious. Now I see where she get it from. Her mom does imitations of her Grandma. What I don't get is the fact that they argue like old ladies even though my friends mom isn't that old. Anyway they are a hoot, they love to shop *at least Grandma does*, they have been introduced to the magic of mani/pedi Saturdays and we normally go out to a nice lunch. They are happy to be out, I am happy for company - it's a nice symbiotic relationship.

Normally Susan would accompany me to all these things but she has too since moved in with her significant other. So we are 2 ships in the night that never meet. So here’s to you Susan…. We need to hang out and not exchange information through the family, capeesh?

P.S. Did you know I am your Grandma's new grandkid?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for hanging out with my mom and grandma. They love you! We must get together though. I have been in and out of the doctors office and now school work and baby!AHHH! We must find time, if only to complain about how we haven't any time to hang out. I love you girl. See you Saturday!!!