Reader Poll Monday

Who thought these up this week?!?!
Would you rather:
1. Watch a porno with your parents OR starring your parents?
Ewww....parents naked bad. Watching naked people in front of my parents embarrassing but we can laugh at least.
2. Lick the handle on a public restroom toilet OR eat a wad of toilet paper from the stall floor?
I am gonna go with lick the handle. At least there won't be something in my belly besides the germs.

3. Be MC Hammer OR Vanilla Ice?
I am gonna have to go with MC Hammer b/c of the pants.
4. Be able to fly OR read people's minds?
Read peoples minds. That's what we have delta for.

5. Have whatever you want for one year then die OR be paralyzed for life?
Whatever I want for a year. At least I will be able to live the good life and come to terms with death on my own terms.

6. Have a permanent smile OR a permanent blank stare?
7. Be burned alive OR drown?

8. Be known worldwide as a racist OR a child molester?
Racist. Don't get me started on child molesters.

9. Eat three pounds of hair OR drink a gallon of shampoo?
We already eat hair in our sleep anyways and bugs for that matter.

10. Be god OR the devil?
Devil. *evil laugh*

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