YLT- Day 6: Shit Happens

Aaron had a car accident yesterday. He was driving on the freeway and the SUV in front of him stopped and he kept going. His car is basically totalled and is in safe keeping at an auto-body shop near the accident site. On ther perk side *at least the way I am choosing to look at it at this moment* Aaron will be getting a new car. We went to look at new cars today. Well not new cars... pre-loved as Aaron like to call them. Our two candidates are the Ion and the Matrix. Both are kinda cool. I love toyota but the Saturn was pretty sweet too with its extra 3rd door deal thing. So it has feeling of a coupe but with some of the functionality of a 4-door.

We still have a lot of things to go through regarding this whole car deal but hopefully it will turn out for the best. I just hate car accidents. My car has been in 4 of them and its just such a headache.

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