Before I Forget....

I moved at the beginning of this month. The bf and I moved into his house. We have had our ups and downs but so far so good.

So on the actual moving day... I was sick as a dog I had pinched a nerve in my neck on the way to work earlier that week and had gotten a bad sinus infection and had lost my voice. I had an entourage of 5 people helping me move. Anyone who knew where I lived knows its a pain in the rump I lovingly called "The rat maze". I hadn't packed anything for my move and I didnt want to get out of bed on moving day. Everyone was really helpful and got it all out and going for me.

I left my brother and his friend to their own devices to pack up some of my furniture. My brother couldn't find tape and the found something that looked like tape. It felt like tape minus the sticky part. It could bind like tape. *Authors Note: It was bought as a joke and was brand new*. So yeah my bro and his friend tied up (no pun intended) my nightstand (with Gawd knows what in it) with binding plastic stuff.
Classy right?

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