Heat Rage

First there was road rage…. Now there is heat rage! I don't think this is a specific LA kinda of thing but it is definitely a metro thing. For the last 19 days *and counting* the temperature has been in most of LA over 100 degrees. Coming from a beach city its like we are frying because we are not used to the ridiculous heat. So everyone has been turning on their air conditioner to compensate. Only one problem with that, living in a city with millions of people that doesn't have a power grid to support that much juice flowing causes black outs.

In our household we have only turned on the air twice(!) in the whole summer. Surviving off of fans and popsicles has been our main M.O. Then guess what happens? One of the rolling blackouts hits us. We woke up on Sunday at 5 in the morning when we realized the fan had gone out. We thought it was just us and we walked outside to find out that it was the whole neighborhood. Great! The black-out lasted until late in the afternoon. All of our food went bad, that was fun. Fortunately, we hadn't gone food shopping for the week yet. We stayed out of the house most of the day and went to dinner with Aaron's dad.

For us it was only one day. I've been hearing the news reports and some people have been without it for days. The heat within the office is just getting everyone a little crabbier, but it could be a lot worse.

*Waiting for the winter*

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