You Are Not Invisible!

Dear Driver's On the 405,55,710 & 91,

As a fellow commuter on Southern California's freeways I
understand that being stuck here sucks more than having bamboo shoots
stuck under your fingernails while watching Golden Girls for 40 hours
straight. I know we get stuck on long drives coming
in and out of Orange County everyday. In my case I normally travel 30-40
miles one way and it takes me 40 to an hour and a half to make these
commutes, they suck.
Here's the thing... when you are driving you still need to have
some kind of etiquette and courtesy. I am not talking about signaling or not
being a bumper humper. I am talking about personal etiquette. I really
don't care what you do in your car. You can sing at the top of your
lungs, learn a new language by tape, talk on your cell phone (hopefully
safely). The only time I care is when it comes to you doing something
disgusting . It's distracting watching you crazy drivers pick your nose.
Seriously, do you think the rest of can't see you? It's really gross.
It's not that I go out of my way to see you but if I am checking my blind
spots and I happen to catch you going to town on your nose in my
rear-view its not cool. The funny thing is that it's not the guys in the
dirty beat up truck that look like they just left the Home Depot, it's
the guys with their slicked back hair and designer glasses in their
member compensating car doing it. I guess money doesn't buy you class.
Your Fellow Commuter

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JB said...

Mel, I agree with you 100%... keep advising!!