This is what I get paid the big bucks for

Over the weekend my company went through an acquisition conversion. No, not the big one where I get the can. This one was for another company we acquired before our acquisition. Dog eat dog right? Anyway, I could have thought of better things to do with my weekend than spend it in the office.

Since we had a lot of down time waiting for stuff to load on systems and let our analysts run around like chickens with their head cut off we could do other things. As everyone knows I have a new love in my life - my smart phone. I have been tinkering with it for about a week now and have been finding new things to add to it. During the week I don't have much time to devote to this kind of thing so doing it over conversion weekend seemed ideal. SEEMED.

I was trying to get a widget for my smart phone so I could blog from my phone. That was one of the main reasons of getting this phone so I could blog, e-mail and text. My e-mail from my outlook is not working correctly, it can receive but it can't send. I can text alright but if I am not careful my phone goes into airplane mode which is retarded. And since my e-mail isn't working correctly I can't blog. And b/c somehow my phone with all the bells and whistles doesn't come with "java" I can't get the widget to work. I wanted to pull my hair out and scream by the end of the day Sunday.

I didn't think fun toys were supposed to be so hard.

And I am not spending another 15 bucks on a Soduko add-on.


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