Reader Poll Thursday

I haven't had access or time to a computer. I am such a horrible Blogger. I can't keep up which is pretty pathetic. Maybe when I get my new Smart Phone I will be better.

1. What's the last book you read that you didn't finish?
Little Earthquakes by Elizabeth Wiener. Same author as In Her Shoes. I loved In Her Shoes but this one was more in relation to motherhood and childbearing which is a stage in my life I haven't hit. I couldn’t relate. I will eventually finish reading it. Maybe when I get knocked up.

2. Would you rather own a trained monkey or a talking parrot?
Trained monkey. I wouldn’t want the parrot repeating everything I say. I don't want to incriminate myself.
3. What newspaper do you read most often?
LA Times on a good day. Grunion Gazette when I need something. Who really reads newspapers anymore. I read a lot of magazines.

4. Can you whistle?
Miserably. Not a specific tune. My parents have a bird that is almost as old as I am (less a year) that in his senility mixes up his tunes from la cucarachas to who knows.

5. How do you like your eggs prepared?
Over easy, sunny side up. In a big omlette. Hard boiled.
6. Which is bigger, the measurement around your waist, or around your bust?
My bust!
7. What is the most talented physical capability you have?
I can crack every bone in my body. Sounds cools until I get hurt. I pinched a nerve in my neck last week while driving to work on the freeway.

8. Do you have any Sunday rituals?
Sleep, get jumped on, have my ankle pulled, watch bad chick movies and goof off online as long as I can before I have to get out of bed.

9. What's the first department you go to in Wal-Mart? In the grocery store?
Ewwww… wal-mart? I am substituting it with Target. I love Target. I check out the clothes section first. Grocery store… the ready made refrigerated/deli section for lunch.

10. If you could go back in time to any year, what would it be?
The year I could have completely skipped out high school 2 years only instead of doing the college thing concurrently. I should have had better reasoning to get my parents to let me out. I could have been done by now!

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