Love Letter to my Smart Phone

My bf laughed when I said I would really do this, but here goes…

Dear New Smart Phone,

I had been admiring you from afar for many months now. I was in lust with you since the first time I laid eyes on you. Trying to justify a reason to spend almost $400 on something as pretty as you when opportunity struck in a unfortunate way. My regular cell phone was lost/stolen at the Habitat for Humanity Store. By coincidence my plan was set to expire with my carrier so I was able to get a new phone without having to go through my insurance carrier.

I walked into the store zeroing in on you. When the sales associate asked me what I came in for… I just pointed at you. She set you up and told me to wait a couple of hours before I started using you. I couldn’t wait. Less than 5 minutes I was already pushing all your buttons.

I am glad to say you didn't disappoint me. You were everything I had hoped for and dreamed of. I have had some minor issues that I really can't blame you for, it's just your nature. You have been so great that even my bf who is a MAC geek loves you even though you are Windows based. We both love you!

So here's to you knew Smart Phone…. You rock!

The girl who is in love with her new Smart Phone XOXO

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Dawn said...

Well, the Mac geek in me is laughing at you, but the rest of me is laughing WITH you!!! :D Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!!!