Ugly Cars

Let me start off with... it was too damn hot this weekend!

I worked 12 days straight which I haven't done ever. This weekend was something I was looking forward to. I started off Friday with a Tequila lunch. It was kinda bad though going back to work with a full belly and tequila on it. It's 5 o'clock in margaritaville right?

After work on Friday I went and ran a few errands. I got Aaron a membership to 24 Hour so we could go work out at the same time. I got to the gym at South Coast which is full of typical OC broads. So I was walking to my car and I was walking behind this tall pretty brown haired girl. You could tell this girl went to the gym because I will have to admit she had a nice body. Anyway, she was parked closer than I was and I figured she would be walking to some kinda fancy-dancy nice car (again, typical OC) and then I saw her put her keys into an old beat 1980-something Nissan? I was like wtf? I was slightly confused by this... if your car is supposed to represent you do you want that kind of representation? I kind of understand. My first car was a beater too. When I firsted started out in my business I remember being all dressed up for work or going out but it sucked walking to my car. I am going to assume the same for this girl. Fortunately, I got a new car not too far after.

Even with having to go through my first couple of years with my license in an ugly car I still judge. I don't know why. I know I shouldn't. You know what I don't understand? Big guys in little mini trucks. I can understand (and laugh at) little guys in big truck b/c its a compensation thing. I just don't understand why a big guy would squeeze himself into a little truck? Are you trying to play down something? Somebody please explain that to me.

Speaking of ugly cars and things I can go in life without seeing.... I saw my ex. I don't think I have every spoken about him on my blog because well I just don't. The reason for the split - we will leave it at: he's an ex for a reason. Aaron and I went out to dinner at one of our local hang outs that we frequent late at night. We were sitting laughing doing our own thing when there strolls in my ex. Along with his ugly wife/girlfriend/stripper. I know that sounds bitter but this is strictly observational. Seeing him just reaffirmed why I was no longer with him and how miserable I would be had I still been with him. Over the years I have ran into his friends and even they don't have nice things to say about him. For the record, the car I saw him pull up in does represent him. It was old with primer gray spots and a DMV fix it permit. All he was missing was the mullet, b/c he was still wearing the same clothes I bought him 3 years ago.