I didn't drive 40 miles out of my way for 4 pieces of cheese!

Last night the BF and I went to the screening of one of his last projects. The thing wrapped in October and they had a pretty good wrap party. Open bar - the works. There was even the token Asian kid that couldn’t hold his liquor that called one of the chicks a "MILF."

Anyway, Aaron had worked on the movie for about a month. Crazy hours, so I was pretty anxious to see it. The movie actually didn’t turn out that bad. Well comparatively. I've seen some other shorts he's worked on that have looked like dog poo wiped on a rear-view mirror with bad storylines. This one the story line was actually decent and the photography was pretty good. The lead actress was kind of bad the secondary actress was actually a hell of a lot better. The lead actress should have been a porn star. Very pretty and too fake. That and I think the guys who wrote the story had way too much imagination with the sex scenes. The secondary actress looked like hell on the big screen, but I met her last night and now I blame the hair/make up department. She was actually really pretty in person. The hair/make up dept. made sure that every actress in that movie had at least one bad hair day. I also blame them for not being able to dress the guy correctly. It looked like he was wearing the same thing all the time or was just dressed inappropriately.

I also expected booze for this reception. It was dry as a bone. I was very disappointed. So disappointed that we had to stop and get some Coppola Wine and goat cheese on the way back. Not bad for a Monday night though.

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